The variation in design & technology within laptops has been growing more diverse increasingly rapidly over the last decade, manufacturers even design laptops to specific purposes from Chrome books simply used to browse the internet and play media, to laptops designed for work and at the extreme end, high end gaming laptops.

Laptops have therefore become more and more complex in terms of their internals, mostly, as a result of this. The internal storage mediums can vary greatly from laptops to laptop, even on models designed for the same purpose. Manufacturers often sacrifice performance in one area to increase it in another, or design bespoke software to give their offering the edge. They may use different types of media to make their item more appealing, or choose a different flavour of operating system. These variations have a significant effect on the tools & techniques required in order to retrieve your data from an affected device.

Upon receiving the storage media from your device, our technicians will perform a free diagnostic on the laptop hard drive. This involved determining the storage media type, operating system and any other relevant factors that may affect the recovery and from there, develop a tailored plan to safely extract and recover data from the hard drive.

To get a free, no obligation cost estimate use our online calculator by clicking the link below, or give us a call today! If we can't recover your data, we doubt anyone else will.

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick   411 hard drives were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 368 of these laptops were successfully recovered.
  hard drive data recovery tick 91% data recovery success rate for laptops.
  hard drive data recovery tick 12,173 spare parts catalogued and stored in our laptop library.

Power Issues

Power-related laptop problems are some of most common problems we are presented with. Whether the laptop isn't turning on or simply isn't charging, it could be down to a number of reasons. It could be down to a faulty battery or charger.

Grinding Noises

If your laptop uses a hard disk drive (HDD), grinding noises normally indicate a failing motor or bearing seizure on the spindle. Although this is the most time consuming data recovery, it has the best chances of success. All the platters need to be removed to access the motor, before reassembly using a specialist jig, aligning tracks to 20,000 tracks per inch.  

Bad Blocks

If your laptop is a newer model, it'll likely utilise a solid state drive (SSD). Like bad sectors on hard drives, solid state drives can have bad blocks. This can be identified by slow read/write speeds or failures, and often, applications will crash. 

Nothing Appears on the Screen

This can be the result of the operating system not booting up correctly, or simply a screen-related issue. If you connect your laptop to an external monitor and you still get a blank screen, it's likely to be the former. 

Files Are Vanishing 

This can be a sign of your laptop's hard drive failing. Many people assume that they've actually misplaced a file or saved it in the wrong location, but in reality it's due to a faulty hard drive


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