Mobile recovery from any device or brand - Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or music player, we can perform our expert mobile recovery on it. With the most advanced Research team of any data recovery service provider we can recover data for practically any data loss situation.

Typically, Mobile phone data is stored on flash drive media, through our Research & Development department we have developed countless methods to ensure that we can find and, if necessary, reconstruct and recover data from almost any portable media storage device, including mobile phones, tablets and music players. Our success rate is unrivalled.

We have methods of recovering data from mobiles phones, tablets and music players that have been damaged by fires, floods, water damage, physical impact, electronic failure and malfunction or human error. We can usually recover all data on the device including calendar dates, emails, tasks, text messages, photos, music or videos.

If you've lost data, stop using the device immediately, contact us by phone or using the cost estimate form below and we can help assess the situation before deciding on the best course of action.

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick   912 mobile phones were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 838 of these phones were successfully recovered.
  hard drive data recovery tick 92% data recovery success rate for mobile phones.
  hard drive data recovery tick 9,212 spare parts catalogued and stored in our hard drive library.

Won't Turn On

First of all, try connecting it to power using more than one power cord. If this doesn't work, try a soft reset. On iPhones you can do this by holding down the home and power button for five seconds, and if successful, the Apple logo will appear. 

Missing Photos or Videos

If it's possible that you've deleted your media accidentally, then on some phones, you can find them in the 'recently deleted' folder. iPhones keep photos in this folder for 30 days. After that though, they may still be recoverable. 

Water Damage

Do not connect your phone to power if it becomes water damaged. Instead, if you can, remove the battery, and submerge it in uncooked rice for at least 48 hours. If it still won't turn on, the data is likely to still be recoverable. 

SD Card Problems

Many phones utilise a MicroSD card to store media on, and if your phone isn't displaying things that it should be, there could be a problem with the SD card, or indeed the reader inside the phone. 

Blank Screen

Your phone may be turned on, as indicated by a light, but the screen might not be displaying anything. There could be a problem with the screen connector, or the chip that powers the phone could be damaged. 


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