SD & Micro SD Cards have remained visually the same for many years while the technology utilised within changes rapidly, manufacturers are constantly racing to implement new methods to increase the capacity of SD Cards, continuously developing new technologies that shrink the electrical components hidden within the plastic case resulting in increased storage.

Each time a change is made and the innards of SD Cards Rapid Data Recovery Technicians must re-analyse the hardware and invent new ways of recovering the data held within them.
Rapid Data Recovery will conduct a free diagnostic on your SD Card and use our expertise in microelectronics to:

  • Interface with the media at the level required via custom, bespoke software and hardware.
  • If necessary, directly access the media's NAND memory.
  • Develop a custom plan for the safe extraction of your data

Our technicians can determine if your SD card's data can be recovered and the exact cost of the recovery via our completely free, no-obligation diagnostic. Use the button below to get an instant estimate price.

Our statistics for last year

hard drive data recovery tick   547 SD cards were received for diagnostic evaluation.
  hard drive data recovery tick 486 of these SD cards were successfully recovered.
  hard drive data recovery tick 88% data recovery success rate for SD cards.
  hard drive data recovery tick 9,427 spare parts catalogued and stored in our hard drive library.

Write Protected

SD cards have a lock on them to prevent anything being added or removed while it's switched on. If the SD card still won't let you touch the files after switching the write protection button, your only option is to format the SD card to render it usable, and in doing so, you'll need to get your data recovered.

Card Cannot be Used 

Sometimes you will get a message simply saying "this card cannot be used" when your SD card is in your camera. Very often you won't even be able to view the media on your card. 

Missing or Unreadable Files 

Your SD card may be working just fine, and writing photo, but some may be missing or unreadable. You can run home data recover software yourself, but often this can put your data at even more risk. 

SD card runs slowly

If the read/write speed if the card is sub-optimal, or isn't reading at all, the only way to get it working again is to format it. 

Card is Damaged

SD cards are delicate, and many things like stepping on one, dropping it in water or disconnecting aggressively can cause physical damage that will render the card useless. 


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